Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winter Evenings

Dubbed 'Winter Evenings', this is the third painting I have done since yesterday evening.I was in a dog-ish mood and wanted to get as much done as possible before going back to school in the fall....*gets cold shivers*

I am not that fond of doing yellow/brown/red colored paintings, as they are much more of a challenge that cool colored paintings. I rather enjoyed working on this painting. It took many tries to get the 'gold' into the 'golden retriever', but after just going with plain yellow, orange and red, it finally looked like golden fir surrounded the dog.

I think I spent 5 hours on this painting in total, much longer than normal

If you'd like to purchase a print of this painting, you can do so here.

Dog Head painting

The name for this painting doesn't suit me or the painting, but the name 'Ice Lily' popped into my head when I showed this painting to my sister and mom. If you have a better name, just leave a comment below telling me what it is; and if you feel like it, why
I was listening to an audio book in our iTunes while I was painting this little pup and do not know how much time I put into this painting but I think it is somewhere near 3 hours.
Other than that I really have nothing else to say :)

Running Puppy

This adorable little puppy was my first choice of pictures to paint of the 20-some that I collected that evening. His expression is what captured my heart the moment I saw him and was driven, absolutely willingly, to put him down on a canvas. While his breed is a smaller type of dog, I knew that he couldn't a full grown dog by the size of the drumstick he is carrying :)
'The Little Bandit' is the official name for this little piece of artwork
Sorry for the horrific background paint job. I just cant do backgrounds for the life of me, but I will try to improve on it

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Acrylic Horse Head

' Majestic Splendor'

Yes I did another painting of a horse. This time a white 'wild' horse with a mane that has a mind of its own. The yellow/orange in the mane is the sun shining through it and making the colors that you wouldn't normally see, come to life

The picture that I took here isn't that good of a picture so I will update the picture as soon as I get it into better lighting