Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Serenity (named by Archer)

Ah, the perfect name. She looks like she is leaning into a warm summers wind after a day of being ridden. The name was formerly, "Faithful Friend" but one of my followers (the clever Archer) has provided me with the wonderful name, "Serenity". THANKS ARCHER! :)
Painted October 5

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Professional Elegance

"Professional Elegance"

The name says it all
I must have put the most effort into this piece of artwork than any other horse painting I have done; a grand total of 6-7 hours of solid work. At first the background was bright green fading into yellow but it made the horse look dull, so I turned it into brown fading into yellow (with a little green showing through)

Orange Kitten

This painting I kind of rushed through just trying to get it done.
I went NEON for this kitten, not following the origonal pictures true colors

Not much else to say :)