Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art Supplies I Use

For those of you that may wonder what art supplies I use, this is this is the post for you.

First thing I have to say...I do not use expensive supplies!
I do not like using supplies that will cost you $4-10 just for one pencil. :)
For painting I like to use Apple Barrel paints because of the pigment in them. They will give you a nice color with it being already watered down. These will cost you about $1.50 per bottle, with one bottle lasting you 6 months (depending on how big your painting is).

As for canvases, I like to use canvas boards (thin boards with canvas stretched over it. usually a few millimeters thick, and costs about $1.50 each) instead of usual canvas (usually a few centimeters thick, and costs an average of $10-100).

Drawings I start with a common household HB pencil. Nothing to it. Just a regular pencil. Once I'm done drawing it out I go over it with B pencils. I prefer 3B, 5B, 7B and 9B to do different blacks. For paper, I use average printer paper. Nothing special, no sketchbooks (although I have many unused books) is all I use

An average painting of mine, just for the supplies, would cost about...5 bucks. Imagine painting for just 5 dollars. That is the way to go for younger artists :) Enjoy painting...God Bless!!


Creative Artist said...

Thanks for the tips! I actually do use the usual canvas. I need to get that kind and... cardboard canvas. I really like cardboard canvas. Easy to use. I uh... I'm not particular about pencils. Yeah, I'm not very organized. I got a few tubed paints, and those work, and I have actually had that kind of paint before. I'll have to get some more of it. I don't use sketchbooks for mapping out my painting; instead I only use sketchbooks to draw in... I have a big one full (well, less than a quarter full :D) of Dragons and horses.

Leauphaun said...

Your welcome, though I'm not sure how much it could help anyone :)
Yeah the canvas boards are my favorite, though I do have many 'usual canvas' hanging around my house. I just dont like the strechy feeling that goes with it :/ lol
Hehehe, even my art teacher said that she may start paint acrylic paintings with apple barrel paints. Now thats a hoot.

I draw right on the canvas for paintings for some reason. Its really weird, but yes I also use sketchbooks for...well..sketching
Mine is full of hockey players. Ok so maybe full of Sidney Crosby >_>


Creative Artist said...

I draw right on the canvas, also, although a few years ago my grandparents gave me one for that reason... I just used it for drawing.