Friday, February 24, 2012

Grapes - Part 1/2 Christmas Gift

This is one of two paintings I gave my mom and dad for Christmas 2011. I went for a different approach with this painting, because my mom likes the more smooshy type paintings. I googled grape pictures and came across this one and saw that it was paintable. I started painting it, on Christmas Eve at about 10 pm and didn't finish it until about midnight. But as I started painting it, I found out that I couldn't add any red painting to the grapes because of the type of blue I was using. Instead of creating a purple, I ended up creating a browny mess that I had to scrape/wipe off, so the grapes ended up being BRIGHT blue! It's ok, because it looks different in real life with it being less of a brilliant blue and more of a muted blue. I think my mom liked this one more than the next painting I'll be posting.

If you would like to purchase a print of this painting, you can do so here.


Plink. said...

Wow, this is neat! The highlights are great!!
I have two questions:
1) Would you call the electricly-lime green a cool color or a warm color?
2) What do you mean by a picture that is "paintable"??

This is beautiful Leauphaun!

With smiles,
Plink-a-Dink =)

Leauphaun said...

Thanks, Plink!! Yeah, they turned out neat, didn't they? It's funny because I just placed three colors on the grape I was working on, than did a 2-second blend with my finger to round it out.

1): I'd still have it in the cool department, but is leaning towards a warm color. The best way to compare colors is to put it beside a warmer color and see if it looks/feels cooler or warm.

2): Well, I'm not sure if everyone sees what I see when I look at photos and if I can explain it in a way you'll understand, but I'll try.
What I see when I look at photos are how the object I'm wanting to paint is positioned as well as the brightness, the contrast, sharpness, color, etc...
Sometimes I can create a piece of artwork by pushing through a picture that isn't necessarily picture perfect. But there are some photos that I immediately get a special, excited feeling when I look at it. Here are two links to two grape pictures that look almost exactly the same, but one has that special quality and one doesn't. (just copy and paste these into your URL or http)

Can you see the difference?? The good picture has more contrast, shadows, highlights and lots of different colors, while the other one has flat light, little contrast and no shadow. Does this make sense?? Anyways, if not, just say so :)

Thanks for your questions, and hopefully I've answered them :)

God Bless - Leauphaun

Plink. said...

Ahh... I see it!
(sorry it's taken me a little while to reply)
I get what you mean about the contrasts, colors, etc., And it makes perfect sense! :)
I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't missing out on any artist lingo! =)
Thanks for answering my questions!

PS: Your art has me in a really big sketching phase...And I'm not crumbling up my work and trashing it after two minutes!

[Enter: Happy dance while flinging a 4b pencil into the air in celebration]

With even more smiles,

Creative Artist said...

This is brilliant, Leauphaun! Eyepopping!

When you see a dreary, dark purple painting of grapes, they don't look very edible.

But now my mouth is watering. Time to leave this page! ;)

Great work, Leauphaun, and keep it up!!


(and I totally understand the whole 'paintable'--or in my case, 'drawable'--picture thing)

Leauphaun said...

@ Plink - No problem ;) I know how it is... same thing happened to me.
Good! Than I didn't do as bad of a job explaining as I thought :)

Haha, your welcome!

PS: That's cool! I haven't, myself, been in a big sketching faze, but hopefully I'll change that soon >_> ^_^

@ Vrenith - Awwww, thanks, Vren!! :')

That's very sweet of you to say :) I thank thee.

- Leauphaun