Monday, March 5, 2012

Springtime Beach - Part 2/2 Christmas Gift

This is part two of my Christmas paintings posts. This one I did because my mom loves warmth, sun and beaches. Well, both my parents enjoy warmth etc, but I had my mom in mind when I was painting this. The camera didn't pick up the color the same way as it is in real life :(
I, personally, enjoy how the water looks connecting with the sand. I've always had a hard time with scenery but this one didn't give me a hard time. Ok, so it gave me a little difficulty, but not much.


Plink. said...

Your parents like warm weather...but don't you guys live somewhere northish where it's cold?

*Sigh* I live in the home of the Coyotes. Where it is hot. :(

Very hot.

Wonderful with the palmtree. Nice textures and good color. I see a lot of them 'round here, but none so nice as this! :)

Hmm...Wish I could see more beaches. ;)

With smiles,

Leauphaun said...

Mhm, they do. But we live where we live (yes up north) because of family, and where God want's us right now. Ultimately, they would like to live somewhere where it's warmer than where we are right now. The summers here can get quite hot... up to 45 degrees Celsius (around 113 Fahrenheit), but it rarely gets THAT hot.

Thank you :) Awww, that's kind of you to say ;)

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

You could always visit us in Africa, Leauphaun. ;) Plenty of warmth--and beaches! In fact, even though we don't have running water, Internet, or any white people in the neighborhood, you can see the ocean from where we are. Great swimming.

Plenty of palms, but, like Plink said, none so nice as this. I love the colors! The way the sand and the ocean meet looks really realistic, too.

Wonderful work! If ye ever want to do a seascape again, we might get Internet soon, and I MIGHT be able to provide a couple of pictures.


Leauphaun said...

Now THAT I will definitely do!! I really want to visit Africa/South Africa, so when I do, I'll be sure to visit you guys ;)

I've never been swimming in the ocean. We have a medium-large lake where I live, but it's nothing like that. It must be fun :)

Aww, that's bery sweet of you to say, Vren :)

Thank ye, kind Maiden =D I look forward to it!
Really, you guys might be getting internet?? Sweet!!! *does little happy dance*

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Ah, no internet yet, but we've got running water! Not very high pressure, and we have to run the water pump from our well every couple of nights, but it works!! Real showers...Mmm.

Haha, yeah, methinks South America is where this really cool fox-like animal called a Fennec Fox lives...they've got enormous pointed ears. O_o

I keep thinking, "Oh, I'll put this in a blogpost," but now I've got months of information piling up...a new dog, three new cats, rabies down the beach (which, by the way, is really scary...), and such things as Liberian English...too much. Will I ever get around to it?

--Vrenith ;)

Leauphaun said...

That's one step forward! :)

Awww, Fennec fox's are sooooo cute!! I love them!! You mentioning them makes me want to draw them :)

Oh, dear! Rabies on the beach? Sounds scary! Can't wait for the blogpost.

Here's a suggestion, if you want ;) If you want to cut your internet time that is spent on writing your blog post, you can write it before hand in what ever program you have, than when you're actualy online, you can copy and paste it into blogger and vloa! A 15-second blogpost :)

- Leauphaun

Vrenith said...

Yeah... and oops, I said 'South AMERICA' when I meant 'South AFRICA.' I tried to draw one...The nose gave me a lot of trouble. A genet might be another interesting subject. :)

Yeah...I didn't see it, but several dogs had to be put down, and a couple people were bit. I'm so glad we have a fence...

Oh, and hint, our new dog is named Merry! :D Now we've Pippin AND Merry!


Leauphaun said...

Haha, oops! I totally didn't notice that!! =D Lol

Just keep working on the drawing, and you'll get it right.
Genet's are neat!! You should so do it :)

Oooo, that's not good O_O Whew! Thank goodness!

Awwwww, Merry and Pippen... LOVE IT!!!

- Leauphaun

Eagles Wings said...

I like it! The simpleness really suits the picture but makes it something to look at too. The texture on the palm trunk is my favorite. It would be brilliant in a little boys room. ^_^

Leauphaun said...

Haha, why thank you!! =D

- Leauphaun