Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Moment on the Lips

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Ok, so I know most of you are prety sick of seeing cupcake posts, and I promise this is the last one for at least another 10 posts. After that, I can't promise anything.

This is one of the two partners that go with this cupcake.
If you'd like to purchase a print of this painting, you can do so here.


Kismint said...

I really do like all of your cupcake masterpieces! :D I love the way they're all different, with their own color palates and textures---and yet, they all sort of "run together" and coordinate.

However, I'm also excited to see what else you have coming. ;)

Long live the arteests!

Leauphaun said...

Why thank you Kismint! Haha, they're definitely fun to do!

Haha, I definitely have some different pieces coming up =)

- Leauphaun